We have recently developed this community song with St John's Primary to encourage everyone to look after our fabulous community and to look after one another!

Being an extended school shows our commitment to being an integral part of the community. We are seeking to build links constantly and equip the children with the knowledge that they are part of the community and have a very important place in it. They know there is a big wide world out there and they have a significant contribution to make to it!

We have had links with St. John’s Primary school for the past 20 years where both schools join together to further their education. Each class participates in project work with their counterparts in St. John's. The children enjoy many educational trips together.

Churchland Community Supporting Families Through Learning Project with St. John's allows us the privilege of an extra teacher and an additional learning support assistant in the foundation stage.

Also we are connected to 9 other schools in the area via the Coleraine Education Community Project. Through this we benefit by having a supplementary education community worker in school and are able to provide extra support for parents.

Slimming World every Thursday.

All local nurseries including Kylemore and Playhouse.

Radius Housing - our latest link!

Killowen House

Our children benefit greatly from adopting a resident in Killowen House. They exchange letters, video messages and even small gifts. The children love singing to them and the residents always ask them to come back, so they must enjoy it too!

Killowen Primary School, Shuttlehill, Coleraine, Co. Londonderry

Northern Ireland, BT51 3BZ

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